JMSoC is a software and application suite that provides a complete Altera® CV SoC solution for control, connecting equipment and visualizing data.


The SOM is very compact smart System On Module and makes easier to design a new generation of PLC connecting equipment and HMI products with simple carrier board design.


UltiEVC is an enhanced, fully configurable Video Controller FPGA IP core which can be used to implement versatile and powerfull display control, graphics and video applications.


JMobile is a modern & innovative software solution for the design of HMI applications in a simple and intuitive way

uS02 microSOM Altera CV SoC evaluation kit

EXOR embedded development kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers. Development Kits help simplify the design process and reduce time-to-market. Development kits include software, reference designs, cables, and programming hardware.

nanoSOM nS01

Exor Embedded nS01 is high innovative, high performance very efficient, ultra compact and cost-effective SOM based i.MX 6 UltraLite CPU ARM Cortex-A7 core. The nS01 nanoSOM solution ideal for applications requiring IoT connectivity, multimedia capabilities and high security in connectivity. It is ideal smart SOM for Industry 4.0 embedded solution.

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EXOR is officially member of Intel FPGA DSN

EXOR is officially member of Intel FPGA DSN

EXOR is officially member of Intel FPGA Design Solutions Network

Verona, IT  

Cloud Enabled PLC+HMI for Industry 4.0

Cloud Enabled PLC+HMI for Industry 4.0

JMSoC is an embedded platform for PLC, HMI, Gateway and Cloud implemented on an Altera Cyclone V SoC.

Verona, IT