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Exor Embedded nS01 is high innovative, high performance very efficient, ultra compact and cost-effective SOM based i.MX 6 UltraLite CPU ARM Cortex-A7 core. The nS01 nanoSOM solution ideal for applications requiring IoT connectivity, multimedia capabilities and high security in connectivity. It is ideal smart SOM for Industry 4.0 embedded solution.
The nS01 is designed for high reliability systems and for ensuring in rugged environments in addition to high performance, low power consumption, optimal MTBF for 24/7 systems working in extreme hostile conditions.
The nS01 nanoSOM is extremely compact smart SOM design and makes easier with great flexibility to design a new generation of Smart IoT products, such as modern Human Interfaces , Smart IoT Controllers/Gateway, Cloud edge interface, Web smart product, with a very simple carrier board design.
The nanoSOM includes Production ready Linux RT BSP and optionally it is fully supported Exor XPlaform including
Exor JMobile HMI software, Exor xCloud IoT Platform and IEC61131 CODESYS or Exor XPLC runtime

  • The nanoSOM is ultra smart and rugged solution, soldered directly onto the main carrier board, without the use of expensive connectors that will reduce reliability of the system.
  • With ONLY 25,4x25,4 mm size and 3 mm thickness, nanoSOM allows you to design products extremely compact and ultra-slim. The nanoSOM requires a single supply of 3.3 V with ultra low power consumption
  • Advanced Security option. Hardware enable security features that enable e-commerce, digital rights management, information encryption, secure boot and secure software download. Optonal Tamper pads
  • Optional JMobile software platform, enable to design a User-friendly and high quality vectorial graphic (SVG) and HTML5 rich-graphical GUI, it assures a device connectivity with suite of +200 communication protocols.
  • Optional xCLoud , MQTT, OPC-UA interfaces and Cloud connectivity for Telemetry, Remote Assistance using OPEN-VPN standard protocol
  • Optional IEC 61131-3 CODESYS 3.x PLC or Exor xPLC runtime
  • Linux RTOS BSP (OSADL) – SDK – Virtual Machine development platform
  • Exor Product Longevity program ensures a stable supply of products. nS01 products are available for a minimum of 10 years from product launch

SOM product Longevity
The Exor SOM Product Longevity program ensures a stable supply of products for your embedded designs.
SOM products are available for a minimum of 10 years from product launch and are supported by standard end-of-life notification policies.
Longevity products remain in the program even if the manufacturing site changes.
If we transfer a longevity product from existing qualified factory to another facility, we re-qualify the product to maintain its status in the Exor Longevity Program.

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